So now I’m a blogger…

It’s been months of reading other blogs and wishing I could make time for one of my own that I finally broke down and spent the time to find a cute template and now I’m a blogger!

I love to write, romanticized the idea of being a writer, and I have my whole life. In fact, when I grow up I want to be a writer and to write children’s books. I figure I’m just logging all my mom stories as research and material for my future best sellers. I fell in love with books and writing at an early age, but it was reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, followed by every other Judy Blume book there after, that made me want to become Judy Blume. I told myself stories while riding my bike, I wrote notebooks full of stories, I took Creative Writing more seriously than any other 7th grader should. I continued writing through highschool and college and even after the birth of my first child, and then life got busier with each baby and the time to write wasn’t as readily available as before.

And so, here I am many years later (barely over 30 to be exact) and I love being a stay at home mom with my freelance jobs here and there, and yet I find myself itching to write. So, here is my blog. If you choose to go Seitz (sounds like Sights) Seeing with us you’ll get to read all about how Jolie has ripped out the knees of every pair of jeans that she owns and how I won’t buy her any new ones since it’s so close to summer. Or how Ella gets more paint on her clothes than on her project in her art class, and how many of Cam’s poopy diapers I’ve changed today. Maybe you’ll get lucky and I’ll tell you the stories of why my kiddos love my book club night and their favorite meals that their daddy cooks them when I’m gone.

I’m sure every day won’t have profound pearls of wisdom or expert parental advice, but hopefully my stories about my kids and our family make you smirk or smile and somedays laugh out loud.

Enjoy the Seitz…

Published by jamieseitz

Wife. Mom of 4. Writer. Book Lover. Expert Lunch Packer, Soup Maker, and Home Organizer. Pretty Darn Funny.

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