It’s the New Year!

With the new year and all I decided that starting Monday, January 3, I am going to wake up bright and early every day before the rest of the house is up and sit at the computer with my cup of coffee and spend a few minutes writing, on this blog and in my journal and perhaps even begin my masterpiece that I want to publish soon. I’ve been in bed by 10:30pm at night and thankfully Maggie is finally sleeping all night long every night so I should be completely rested and not miserable getting up at 6am to start this “me time” that I want to carve out. I’ve filled my coffee pot with water and set it to brew before I even wake up so that I might have a Folgers moment and spring from my bed even though it’s dark and cold.

But as you can see, it’s Tuesday afternoon now and I’m just starting to write on this blog and my journal and my masterpiece are also void of any writing, because I would really rather stay in bed until 7am. Ugh…

So please, if you don’t see updates to this blog on occasion or if you’re in the neighborhood and don’t see a light on downstairs, feel free to nudge me along.

And now I’ll end with a Cam funny today:

Cameron, my spirited, ultra-intelligent, and Scott’s mini-me in more ways that I can appreciate most days child, loves to remove the batteries from any toy or electronic device and make sure they’re fully charged with his Daddy’s battery tester. Over the Christmas holiday he has also learned how to plug in the reusable battery charger and charge up his batteries.

This morning he had 3 screwdrivers lined up neatly on the coffee table that he’d found from who-knows-where because I can never seem to find one on the rare occasion that I need one. He also had about 15 batteries that we’d just gotten from Christmas for new toys and he was trying to get them into a toy for Maggie, so he says. Really, I actually think he has just figured out that having all these tools out where his tiny 1 year old sister can reach them and eat them and stab herself in the eyeball with gives me a small heart attack and he enjoys watching me squirm. So anyhow, he was trying to get the AAA batteries into a toy with AA batteries and it wasn’t working and he was very annoyed with me because he couldn’t make them fit. So I asked him where he found the little batteries and he said to me like I was an idiot, “From the glob, mom.”

I looked around and had no clue what he was talking about. So I asked again, “Where did you get these tiny batteries, oh lovely child of mine?”

At this point he stops working and puts the screwdriver down, sighing more than a 3 year old should have any right to sigh, and points a electronic globe on the floor, “the glob”.

The globe. Funny.

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