The 8 realistic stages of camping:

1. Yay camping! Is there a more glorious long weekend activity?!

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2. Wow, there sure is a lot to do to get ready for camping. Sleeping bags, blankets, food, layers of clothing, kids, beers. It’s a good thing I love camping so much.

Image result for too much camping gear

3. We’re here. Only 6 hours later and the camp site is ready for outdoor enjoyment and wildlife fun. But yay for camping!

Image result for funny packing a camper

4. Cook food, clean it up, cook food, clean it up, yell at a kid to quit poking the fire. Yay camping.

Image result for camping dishes

5. Weekend over. Seriously consider leaving everything you brought with you at the campground because it might be easier than folding, rolling, cramming it all back in. Camping….yay.

Image result for camper stuffed full

6. Hallelujah we’re home! You want to lay on the couch, but no, you attempt to back the pop-up back into the drive 62 times before it’s straight and not in the neighbor’s yard. Look at the van and the Jed Clampett mobile and die a little in your heart because someone has to unpack it.

Image result for wailing woman funny

7. Everything smells like a campfire and camping is stupid and so much work. Who goes camping? Stupid people, that’s who. Vow to never camp again.

Image result for angry baby

8. What’s that? Camping next weekend? Sure, I love camping! Yay camping!


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