Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas from the Seitz Family! We hope to bring you a little of that joy and laughter this season with this first Seitz Family Two Truths and a Lie: Holiday Edition. Enjoy.

Jolie has been accepted into five colleges as an honor student including Belmont University in Nashville, Columbia College in Chicago, MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN, University of Colorado Denver, and Iowa State University. She’ll be making her choice sometime early next year after her dad calls and begs each school to let us work out a barter system: cheaper college for handmade bookshelves or Jamie’s famous guac.

Cameron’s middle school Mock Trial team made it to the semi-finals this year where Cam played the part of Deputy Don Blaine. Although they didn’t advance on to the Finals, he learned invaluable skills of thinking on his feet, quick wit, elocution, and crap …all the skills he’ll need to argue with his parents until the end times.

Scott built Jamie the library and office of her dreams. Absolutely zero fights or swearing occurred when the bookshelves wouldn’t soak up the stain or when they burned away half their brain cells applying wood conditioner at midnight. The two of them worked in perfect harmony, they took regular breaks to hug it out, and the project only took one month to complete. (I’m sorry…I couldn’t even type this out without laughing. But it is done and it is gorgeous! Come see for yourself!)

Since that was an easy one, how about another:

Ella had a successful first semester as a freshman in high school, joining the Roosevelt Marching band as a trombonist and the Roosevelt swim team. She also got a job this year at Smitten Kitten, a boutique cat shop in the neighborhood to earn her keep. Don’t google just Smitten Kitten without the Des Moines part though. Don’t do it. I promise Ella doesn’t work at that shop.

There’s a new pet at the Seitz house these days! It’s a long-haired cat named Tito and Jamie isn’t allergic to him one bit.

Maggie, the youngest Seitz musician, is adding another instrument to her repertoire this year. Along with piano and violin, she’s starting her homeschool guitar lessons with Dad over Christmas break. When this ultimately breaks down, like any parent who has tried to teach their own child something on a weekly basis knows it will, they’ll join Jolie’s guitar teacher. We see a lot of songs about Birdie in our future.

This one could be tricky if you’re a FB friend of Jamie’s. Tito the cat did live at our house for a few weeks as a foster, but truthfully, we got a new schnoodle puppy named Hattie this fall. Jolie wanted the cat, so she’s bummed, Scott is disappointed because he thought puppies come fully potty trained nowadays, and Harper and Birdie took a solid month to get on board with the idea. Needless to say, we’re still adjusting to puppy life, but she’s a sweetie who snuggles with Cam every night.

As you can see, the Seitz family is doing well. We feel good about what we’ve accomplished this year, a big renovation, another amazing two-week road trip to St. Louis, Florida and New Orleans, four happy, healthy, smart, and kind kids, three well-loved and wholly spoiled pets, two parents who feel like the work they’re doing every day makes a difference, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Happy Holidays from the Seitz family. We wish you nothing but peace and love this Christmas season. Love, Scott, Jamie, Jolie, Ella, Cam, Maggie, Harper, Birdie & Hattie

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