Nick & Amy


Nick and Amy have been married for seventeen years which is a big deal because marriage is hard, and messy, and a fifty percent divorce rate and all.  Nick and Amy live with their three kids in the middle of the United States, in a place like Iowa or Ohio or some other smallish, flat state with too many vowels, growing corn or soybeans, making it basically indistinguishable from any of the other states around it and uninteresting to anyone that didn’t grow up there.  Nick is a procrastinator by nature which drives Amy crazy and Amy is spicy when she gets annoyed, which Nick adores.  Together, they are every marriage still trying to keep it real after almost two decades together while dealing with the not-so-fun parts of everyday life.

Nick & Amy is a series of short stories written by Jamie Seitz which can be found at

Nick & Amy Go to Mexico

Nick & Amy & the Dying Cat

Nick & Amy Buy a Car

Nick & Amy Make a Budget

Nick & Amy & the Gift of Massage

Nick & Amy Clean the House

Nick & Amy Take a Yoga Class

Nick & Amy Go Shoe Shopping

Nick & Amy & the TV Antenna

Nick & Amy & the Squirrel

Nick & Amy & Quarantine

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