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That’s me, Jamie Seitz, up there with the brown hair, looking all Farrah Fawcetty, which is exactly how I cook, by the way. Just tossing my hair around like a damn boss while I whip up some soup for my family of six. Actually, no I don’t. That would be gross and I shouldn’t even be joking about hair in your dinner. Let’s get started, shall we?

Seitz Eats is all about giving you a manageable plan so you can cook fairly simple, healthy meals for your family most nights of the week. There’re all kinds of reasons you should want to sit down with your peeps and eat together, but for me as the mom of four teens/preteens, this is my best chance to lay eyeballs on all of them at once for thirty minutes and find out what’s happening. Dinner at our house is usually the loudest time, with the most ridiculous stories being told, and often including someone who isn’t a member of the Seitz fam…and I like it that way.

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A few things to know about what you’re getting with Seitz Eats:

  1. While I love to cook from scratch, I’m also busy taxiing my kids around town at 5pm. Here you’ll find a mix of from-scratch recipes mixed with easy go-to’s you can pick up at any supermarket. Whether you’re working full time, working from home, or a stay-at-home with kids who keep you busy, the truth is, if it’s too time consuming or too complicated, you’re going to order a pizza instead. For example, when I make hot turkey sandwiches over mashed potatoes, I’ll happily make homemade mashed potatoes because they’re delicious and worth my time. But I hate making gravy, so I buy gravy in a jar from the store. It’s basically same-same and you’re not the boss of me. But here’s the great thing for you: it’s super easy to make all this work best for your family. If it’s summertime and you garden, then the green beans on Wednesday’s menu you’re cooking up are fresh. But if gardening to you is strolling through the produce section at the grocery store, then just grab a bag of frozen green beans and call it a day. No judgement here. (Unless you’re buying canned green beans. Then I judge. Canned green beans are fine for green bean casserole since you’re drowning them in fried onions anyways, but don’t make your family eat those. They will hate green beans forever, and that is a damn travesty.)


  1. Yes, there is a plan for each day, but I don’t really care if you eat Bubble Pizza on Monday and chicken tortilla soup on Thursday just like it says to. See, the point is you’ll have seven days’ worth of meals and groceries planned for you, then you can arrange it accordingly to your schedule. Maybe your family likes leftovers twice a week instead of a new meal every day? Lucky you, your week of meals actually gets you through ten days! Or if you had every intention of putting the pork roast in the crock pot for BBQ sammies, but then your middle schooler called and begged you to bring his forgotten trumpet to school so he didn’t flunk out of band, which made you forget all about it the dumb-dumb roast and now it’s 6pm and everyone’s hungry and life is the worst and dinner is ruined. (Don’t ask me about the specificity of this scenario. Mind your business.) You could totally order pizza, but voila…thanks to Seitz Eats you have ingredients for a couple of other meals somewhere in your cupboards so who cares about the roast anyways. The menu is meant to be flexible, see? Make it work for you.


  1. Along the same lines of flexibility, you can tweak almost all of these meals to make it your own. Many of these recipes, I’ve collected over the years from magazines, cookbooks, family recipes, blogs, etc., but I rarely follow the recipe exactly anymore because I’ve figured out what my family likes best. This is why the recipes I’m including aren’t terribly exact, which I know will drive some of you bonkers, but too bad. Cooking should be a little adventurous, right? This calls for half an onion, but I love onion and I want to add a whole one. Do it, yo! If you’d rather use veggie broth instead chicken broth, that’s your funeral for your taste buds. (Just kidding, I’ve got two vegetarian kids here, so I substitute it often, but I do it begrudgingly.) Or if you just don’t feel like making the dang taco casserole that’s on the menu because even though your kids love it, you plain hate casseroles, but since you have all the ingredients and no one is the boss of you, you just make plain old delicious tacos. You do you.


  1. You might notice every dinner has a main course and two sides, almost always veggies. This is so the picky eaters of your family have several options on their plate if they don’t love something you’ve made for them. Take my daughter who throws a baby fit every time salmon is cooked in this house. You’d think that after a lifetime in this delightful family, she would relent and let it go because my teriyaki salmon is delicious and wonderful, but no. Big. Baby. Fits. But guess what, friend? In the words of my friend wise, wise friend, Leann Putz, “You’ll eat what I make because this ain’t no rest home.” Fine, picky punk child who doesn’t like salmon. Eat a few bites (because I refuse to send a child into this world who exists only on chicken nuggets and grapes with the skin peeled off) then eat the other things on the plate that you do like. Again, feel free to adjust the sides to work for your family. These are just merely suggestions.


  1. Lastly, if you’ve got older kids, have them help! Most of these meals are perfectly kid-cook friendly. My twelve-year-old son is in charge of all pancake related meals around these parts and my salmon-hating daughter cooks more elaborate meals than I do sometimes. Plus, it’s a fact that kids who cook the meal are much more likely to eat the meal they’ve cooked. (I have no idea if that’s actually true, but in my experience as a mom of four PLUS a former Kinderchefs teacher at the Y where I “cooked” with preschoolers, it’s fact enough for me.)

One last thing…

Here is a list of spices and staples I’m assuming you already have in your kitchen to cook with. Double check and add them to your grocery list if you don’t:

Herbs and Spices: Paprika, Oregano, Chili powder, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Cumin, Parsley, Cayenne pepper, Crushed red pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger, Dry mustard, Basil, Cilantro, salt (preferably sea salt), pepper, minced garlic

Other: Olive oil, Soy sauce, Teriyaki sauce, butter (real butter please. Don’t hurt my feelings.), half and half,


Are you ready to get started?

I’m making it super simple for you. For each week I’ll list the meals you’re getting so there’s no surprise. It would be a huge bummer to buy a menu plan and grocery list when you know already half the meals on it will make you gag. For those who like to cook just fine, but want some ideas to get you out of a rut, you can peep the menus and google your own recipes without having to pay a dime. But for those who want some help, pay the $11 and you’ll have that week’s menu, all the recipes, and grocery list to download. You can print it off and reuse it over and over again or try another week because now you’re full time fancy.

Thank you so much for giving Seitz Eats a try! It is my sincerest hope you find some new recipes your family loves, a new found love for cooking for yourself and family, or at the very least some relief from the tedious work meal planning can be if you’ve never done it. Enjoy!

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