Merry Christmas from the Seitz family! The year is almost over and it’s been another eventful 365 days here in Des Moines, Iowa.  We are gearing up for Christmas in all our usual Seitz ways but I have to admit, the Christmas letter didn’t flow easily for me like it usually does.  It could be … Continue reading Makarioi


Kesha's song Praying inspired this short. Click here to listen while you read. If she could go back in time and tell her twelve-year-old self anything, she would tell her that she would be okay.  She would promise her that in a few years the chaos would be quieter, not gone, but not nearly as … Continue reading Break

The 8 realistic stages of camping:

1. Yay camping! Is there a more glorious long weekend activity?! 2. Wow, there sure is a lot to do to get ready for camping. Sleeping bags, blankets, food, layers of clothing, kids, beers. It's a good thing I love camping so much. 3. We're here. Only 6 hours later and the camp site is … Continue reading The 8 realistic stages of camping:

Timeline 2016

Merry Christmas from the Seitz family! You may not know this, but we Seitz’ like our Christmastime.  We thoroughly enjoy the birth of Jesus, the lights, the tree, the baking, the traditions, the cards, the movies, the snuggling.  We basically squeeze into our Buddy the Elf green tights on December 1 and don’t take them … Continue reading Timeline 2016

How to Vacation Like You Mean It.

I like to travel.  I haven’t done nearly the traveling that I plan on doing in this lifetime and I know there’s still a long list of places that I don’t even know I want to visit yet.  The thrill of laying my very own eyeballs on something or somewhere I’ve only read about and … Continue reading How to Vacation Like You Mean It.

Once Upon a Time We Took This Vacation

This past summer, my husband and our four children hopped in a borrowed 31 foot RV and we set out on a 16 day adventure across the country. Now, neither my husband or I had been on a trip like this before, in fact we hadn't even driven anything larger than a minivan before.  We … Continue reading Once Upon a Time We Took This Vacation

Our Favorite Things- Seitz Remix

Goggles on Ella and gymnastics for Maggie Show choir for Jolie and fishing for Daddy Orange construction cones tied up with string These are a few of Cam's favorite things. Zumba for Mommy and soccer for Cameron Guitar picks for Jolie and she and Scott jammin A 5K in fall and another in spring, These … Continue reading Our Favorite Things- Seitz Remix

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas from the Seitz Family! The Holiday season is here and we Seitz’s are gearing up for our favorite time of the year. The perfect tree has been selected and decorated, the house has been lit “Clark W. Griswold-style” by Scotty himself, the kids have written their letters to Santa and circled items in … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2012